10 Tips for Raising Tech-savvy and Tech-safe Kids

When we were growing up, anything digital was unheard of!

The only time I remember that my signature was scanned as a child was when my parents were getting my passport done. Apart from it, there was no blue light emitting gadgets in my life ever.

But cut to today, and we are raising children who are not just expected to be extremely tech savvy but also form one vulnerable group on the internet. This means that while it is our own responsibility that we give them enough edge to walk, we are still to shield them from any bad experiences that can mar them in later life. It’s a fine difference and the walk is razor sharp!

How much time is good?

Clinical psychiatrists and pediatricians agree that children below two must be kept away from screen time as much as possible. Only after the age of six or seven, they must gradually be allowed but with riders for their own health.

When to say no!

Parents must be firm about the timings as well as the duration of the usage. You must inculcate discipline from day one.

Giving devices to stay quiet is okay?

Parents dread when the kids bawl. Yes, once in a while giving in is okay but make sure that they do not relate these two things. They cannot get devices anytime that they would like to and especially not when they throw tantrums.

Indulge in games with them:

I wouldn’t recommend this if I had not tried. I realized that the kids were asking for the phone only when I or my husband was using it. We decided to play with them in this tipi tent that lay abandoned after the initial excitement about it died. And you know what we were right!

Effect of health is true!

You may want to deny but the latest study proves that the influence of phone and radiation is not good for their eyesight or for the tender tissues of their skin.

Poor communication skill:

Studies have categorically proved that communication as a skill suffers when children are handed over the devices more than their prescribed time limit.

Sleep deprivation :

Sleep cycles can be adversely affected if screen time is not supervised.

No children photographs please:

It’s like giving the abductors information on a silver plate! Not unless totally warranted. And we cannot really find a reason when it is.

Social media can wait for now!

Don’t hasten your children into creating an account on social media. It can surely wait till they are eleven or twelve.

Finally, parental supervision is a MUST

You may think that your child listens to you but with peers and others outside the home, he may be a different person. Make sure that you lock the sites and apps that even distinctly talk of birds and bees. Being vigilant is your immense strength.