Why I Switched to Hostgator Dedicated Hosting from Dreamhost Dedicated Hosting Plan

Being a newbie, it is really difficult to choose the best web hosting service provider for web developing. Not only the features, but the buyers should also be concerned about price, discounts, promo codes, money-back guarantee and so on. Often there are certain web hosts which are not that much different than each other in terms of features and services, but when it comes to customer support or price, they differ a lot. If there is any comparison on Hostgator v/s Dreamhost, you will face such difficulties to choose the better one. Still, here is a thorough study of the two to answer your question, ‘Why should I choose Hostgator over Dreamhost?’

Why Is Hostgator Better Than Dreamhost?

If you ask any pro web developer, he will always suggest you about buying Hostgator for web development. Newbies or experienced ones, everyone prefers Hostgator over any other web hosting service provider. There must be certain reasons behind that. What are those? Read on to know more-

  1. Hostgator Provides Better Customer Support

Are you new to the field? You will definitely need professional technical support at any emergency to solve your website related problems. When you are connected to Hostgator, you can get the help at the 11th hour. They have dedicated services, like a conversation over the phone, live chat, ticketing system and email so that they can solve one-to-one problems. Along with these services, the users can get more than 500 tutorials, 700 articles and an exclusive forum for the members where members can share their experience of web hosting and also help each other. With Dreamhost, you can get other help, but not the telephonic conversation. If you want any help over the telephone, you have to pay. Once you pay the fee, they will call you back. Also, the service is not as much quick and apt as Hostgator.

  1. Hostgator Comes with Assured Money-back Guarantee

If you buy Hostgator web hosting plans, you can get 45-days money-back guarantee. Even if you haven’t paid with your credit cards, the amount will be transferred to the account you have applied with. In case of Dreamhost, the money-back guarantee is of 97 days. But, you will only qualify under this criterion if you have paid with credit cards. Dream host is not flexible like Hostgator in payment options as it doesn’t approve any other payment methods. Not only that, but the refund also excludes third-party services, domain names, and Dreamhost partners. Though live chat is available at Dreamhost, you need to pay callback fee again.

  1. Hostgator Offers Easy to use Control Panel

This is another reason why web developers give first preference to Hostgator. The industry standard cPanel of Hostgator is absolutely easy to operate and newbies can also access it simply. If you are a specialist in web hosting, you will find it almost equal to other control panels that you may have used earlier. This helps you install several apps quickly just by one click, manage the database, transfer files and so on. On the other hand, Dreamhost comes with a bespoke control panel which is quite different than standard control panel. Therefore, you will need some time to get used to it, especially if you are using it for the first time.

From this thorough study, you must have understood that Hostgator is way better than Dreamhost. So, if you have already switched to Hostgator from Dreamhost, you have done the right job. If you are still confused, hopefully, this thorough study will clear any kind of confusion and hesitation and you can choose the right one.…

Extremely Cool Drone Technology

The uses and applications of the drone technology are beyond human imagination. It is so cool to actually realize what the drone technology has to offer us. Here is a quick sneak peak at some of the cool things that the drone technology is capable of doing.

  1. Students of journalism are now encouraged to take a lesson in drone flying not because they can fly off instantaneously to happening sites but these are a real quick solution to gather information and capture clear images and videos of the happening news. It is only right for them to think that the world too would get a true picture of what is actually happening around them.
  2. Drones can be used to identify illegal activities using drone cameras in the stealth mode. For example, these can be used to detect illegal hunting on government land or privately owned properties.
  3. For the sports lovers, drone technology is a boon. To actually be able to view each shot of your favorite sport, frame by frame and action by action, is really cool. Be it cricket, baseball, or skiing, drones are at your service.
  4. Drones are also used by the government to monitor state and national highways for road damages, safety, traffic, and much more.
  5. Drones are a best friend to wildlife animal protectors and photographers. A good drone camera would give you intricate details such as nesting on top of the tallest tree in the Amazons or watching cranes in the middle of a lake. I got this drone for my birthday and I have been in love with wildlife ever since.

The features of drone technology are highly sophisticated that are bound to buy one for you. High-resolution images, better quality videos, ease of portability, and excellent stealth drivers are just a few of its engaging features.