What Is NEO Cryptocurrency Technology?

NEO Coin vs Ethereum, which coin should you invest in? This is a very important question for many people these days because we need to understand what coin should be invested in or which coin is the best one for a long term holding. This article should help clarify which one works best for you and which one you should be holding onto for a different purpose.

I will admit that this guide is quite long and annoyingly heavy in technical terms that most people will not like to process and parse on their own, although there are tons of guides explaining the subtle nuances in between different cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZCash, NEO Coin or Ethereum, many of them lack the requisite complexity of this guide in order to help people actually understand what is going on in the cryptocurrency market. Many times, these other guides never explain in-depth how the technology behind the coins function, and therefore I’ve created this guide to help alleviate this problem.

This article will tend to be biased a bit more towards Ethereum in terms of explanation as I’ve spent more time researching and investing (and even developing – as a minor software developer on the Ethereum developer team) and therefore I will be explaining ethereum more in-depth. Research NEO coin in depth more using the included documentation and the Discord servers that they provide on their websites and Subreddits.

This will take a long time to parse, so sit down and relax while you read this (30 minute long article) and get a drink while you read and relax while absorbing crucial knowledge required to understand and invest well in cryptocurrencies like NEO coin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, ZCash, and many other assortments of other cryptocurrencies.