The Future of Video Technology

Videos were one of the most significant imaging technology in the recent past. Recording moving images and storing them became a significant way of broadcasting news and informational content. There was also the emergence of cinema which still holds us all in thrall. As time has gone by, video recording technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Right now, a video recorded on a 4K camera makes reality look more enhanced and enchanting than a fairy tale.

The ultimate goal of video technology is to create visuals where the lines between reality and virtual are blurred. Think Star Trek, where the holodeck enabled its characters to have real-time communication with each other.

Future of Video

Themarketingheaven is a great resource to score some information on how to use your videos to get the most out of the internet. The video is going to be immersive, and intelligent according to research conducted by Disney, as well as other companies who have an interest in creating platforms to support this AI-powered intelligent technology.

Of course, for the video to get to that level of instructiveness, it must look past its traditional platforms such as film and television. The main drawbacks with television and film, with regard to emerging technology, are the medium of transmission. Since TV and film screens are 2D trying to create any kind of experience with them other than visual won’t work.

Key Points for Video Tech

  • Higher resolution image capturing devices. Watching a futuristic video must be akin to actually being there. In order for that experience to happen, the images captured and transmitted should be as clear as reality itself.
  • The second point around video and reality-intensive video is data – this kind of technology needs a LOT of data and more bandwidth for transmission.
  • Video technology will make conferences a lot more engaging as slides and presentations become searchable.

As technology goes ahead, it will also take into account the human experience and trying to make it more immersive and engaging.…

How Students Use Tech to Cheat

Technology has a lot of perks. But there are also certain ways in which people abuse technology and cause harm to others or get into unwanted trouble. Students today have their own smartphones, laptops, and tablets. With so many devices at hand and with the internet making it easy to obtain information about anything students have started using technology to cheat.

Cheating drug tests

Students who get involved in some form of substance abuse, do not get help till the situation gets worse. At Payspi you can find information about the various types of drug tests available. Even the most sophisticated ones are now easy to cheat with the help of convenient detox kits.

Wireless earpiece

Inconspicuous wireless earbuds are available today. Students make use of these to hear live answers during the examinations.

Students carry smartphones and text fellow students to get their answers during the examination. They could also browse the internet to easily get answers real time.

There are some eyeglasses with special ocular pieces that can display information on the lenses. As sophisticated as it might sound these are now real and there are students that use them during the examinations.

Students escape from taking notes by capturing a video of the lecture being delivered during the classroom sessions.

Smartwatches have changed the game altogether. Students do not even have to carry a bulky smartphone for calculation and to carry notes. Smart watches can help them do this.

Wireless communication has now made it easy to send across captured images and videos over the internet in moments. So students send their examination question paper snapshot clicked through tiny cameras over WiFi and other wireless communication methods to their friends who then relay the answers through sophisticated headsets or eyewear.…

6 Technologies Every Small-business Owner Should Consider

Small business owners can flourish even in the most competitive markets if they make the best use of technology. There are various types of technologies that could be beneficial for businesses and act as worthy long-term investments. Here are a few of them-

Online payments, POS and card-less transactions

Online payment through convenient mobile wallets and card-less transactions online are the most convenient methods. These allow the businesses to receive payments before processing the order. POS make it easy for the customers to make payments while receiving the product or service and for epos repair solutions there are many options today.

Cloud storage options

Cloud storage is great for small businesses mainly because they cut down the costs of maintaining a physical storage infrastructure and also offer scalability to accommodate the growing data needs.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Chatbots and virtual assistants are like one time investments. Given that there are very few businesses who have started using them, launching these would give small businesses a competitive edge.

Tools for payroll and HR

Payroll management and human resource management can be done efficiently with the help of the convenient tools available for these purposes. They also help save a lot of time and allow easier documentation for future reference.

A convenient mobile app

Having a mobile app allowing users to place orders would make it easy to improve the conversion rates. Mobile apps also make it easy to offer personalized customer experience.

Latest marketing channels

Digital media marketing, social media marketing, for example, can be the best investments to make in the early days. Social media can be used to propel the business in front of the audience and to increase the reach which in turn converts the leads to customers and allows better marketing.

Top 10 Cashflow Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

A business involves several activities that need to be efficiently controlled. Sometimes under stressed conditions or heavy workload, the owners or the officials fail to manage the fund flows that can indeed cause the total disaster of your business.

Here are some deadly cashflow mistakes that can really ruin your company.

  1. Opting for stimulated growth. Sometimes in business, you get good returns. For example, gives you the satisfactory results. But do not be overexcited about this and invest more of your earnings without a control because forced growth can at times spell doom your business too.
  2. Overspending on sales. It is important to fetch customers for your business growth. Correctly identify the class to which your client falls which include
  • The acquisition cost. This is the cash spent on gaining a customer.
  • The Lifetime prices. The profit value generated by a customer over its lifespan.

So, stop reckless spending and give this a thought.

  1. Failing to identify the hidden expenses. You are actually making a loss while trying to sell accessories at a price above the actual price of an e-commerce marketplace. Mostly the folks forget to consider the transaction fee, shipping, storing charges and so on.
  2. Forgetting the seasonal nature of your business. Some business follows the seasonal trend. They boom sales during the peak time and may stand still during the off-season.
  3. Late reply attitude for invoices received. You need to pay off your vendors’ due in time. Otherwise, there are chances that these parties stop dealing business with you on account of credibility.
  4. Missing deadlines of tax payment. Whether you like it or not taxes are a statutory obligation that has to be paid mandatorily. Or else, penalties may be fined upon you that can eventually harm your reputation.
  5. Not at all prepared. There are chances that your company may face some unforeseen expenses that can instantly drain your business cash account. Be ready to meet such situations in advance.
  6. Lack of a good credit score. This may even deny you the need of a small loan in an emergency. So, try to maintain a good rate score.
  7. Headaches created by bad hires. This can affect the sales target and hence, the income of the company.
  8. Neglecting the miscellaneous expenses of a company. A company needs to meet the yearly insurance payment, license renewal and so on. This too can hurt the company.