How Students Use Tech to Cheat

Technology has a lot of perks. But there are also certain ways in which people abuse technology and cause harm to others or get into unwanted trouble. Students today have their own smartphones, laptops, and tablets. With so many devices at hand and with the internet making it easy to obtain information about anything students have started using technology to cheat.

Cheating drug tests

Students who get involved in some form of substance abuse, do not get help till the situation gets worse. At Payspi you can find information about the various types of drug tests available. Even the most sophisticated ones are now easy to cheat with the help of convenient detox kits.

Wireless earpiece

Inconspicuous wireless earbuds are available today. Students make use of these to hear live answers during the examinations.

Students carry smartphones and text fellow students to get their answers during the examination. They could also browse the internet to easily get answers real time.

There are some eyeglasses with special ocular pieces that can display information on the lenses. As sophisticated as it might sound these are now real and there are students that use them during the examinations.

Students escape from taking notes by capturing a video of the lecture being delivered during the classroom sessions.

Smartwatches have changed the game altogether. Students do not even have to carry a bulky smartphone for calculation and to carry notes. Smart watches can help them do this.

Wireless communication has now made it easy to send across captured images and videos over the internet in moments. So students send their examination question paper snapshot clicked through tiny cameras over WiFi and other wireless communication methods to their friends who then relay the answers through sophisticated headsets or eyewear.…