8 Ways Retail Technology Is Changing the Future of Online Shopping

Gone are those days when we used to commute to visit shop/ malls, view the multiple models of the item we wanted, select, seek an opinion from the salesperson and finally buy.  These are the 8 ways retail technology is changing the future of online shopping:

Online shopping without card usage: Soon card payment will not be in vogue in an online order.  It will take the form of a digital signature which in turn would be routed to a banker who would take care of payment formalities.

Automation to check frauds

Soon digital verification codes will be mandatory for the manufacturers/retailers.  This will check the frauds in online shopping like supplying substandard and fake goods.  Soon news like fake Gucci bags sale will not be there since automation would prevent frauds.

Data analytics

Data Analytics will be implemented even by smaller retailers.  It will change the way the customer is being interpreted now.  Data analytics will improve understanding customer behavior and customer preference.

Review forums:  Online review forums would develop to authenticated information centers.  Thus the responsibility of the part of the seller would increase to protect his image.  On the other hand, the consumers would be justice makers reviewing all the products in an unbiased manner.

Fast drone delivery:  Goods ordered online will be delivered using drones.  Hence shipping duration would reduce considerably.

Virtual reality and simulation-trial mirror: The online websites will start introducing scanners and virtual reality mirrors for trying the products.  This will greatly benefit garment sellers.

Indoor maps of retailers:  Soon indoor maps of retailers will be available online.  So there will not be any need to physically visit them to check models.

Online customized orders:  Online sellers will even start accepting customization of orders with the help of chatbots.