10 Predictions for The Future of Smart Home Technology

A decade ago, who would have even thought that home appliances could be automated and operated with the touch of buttons? Much as how it was through a few decades ago that wirelesses telecommunication was only a figment of imagination and an element of science fiction novels. But times changed.

With technological advances that have surpassed imagination, we have so many predictions for the future of smart homes that they don’t really look incredible anymore!

Here are ten of them. Remember this is my list and if you think that you have a wish list of your own or a few entries that do not figure on my list, make sure to leave a comment below! We would love to hear about things that you think will make the mark. Also, this list could be a subjective one. We implore our readers to help in with their suggestions so as to make it an objective one!

Smart home security issues:

Physical presence vis a vis our digital presence will be the highlight of Artificial Intelligence this year and in the coming year. Privacy issues are supposed to hog the limelight because all other concerns stem primarily form this one.

Integrating applications for all the smart devices:

This one is going to be the mother of all applications. And it will help in seamlessly integrating all the smart devices under one tab. So, even if the inmate rushed out in a minute, the application can help synchronize between all the applications to check if all the lights were switched off, the water heater turned off, the front door licked, etc.

3D rendering:

It is estimated that 3D Rendering Lab will play a crucial role in the making future ready smartphones to be able to view a 3D image of the house on the smartphone screen itself to be able to navigate across the screen and touch on and off the buttons! The technology of the future looks like a lot of fun and we are excited!!