10 Tips for Raising Tech-savvy and Tech-safe Kids

When we were growing up, anything digital was unheard of!

The only time I remember that my signature was scanned as a child was when my parents were getting my passport done. Apart from it, there was no blue light emitting gadgets in my life ever.

But cut to today, and we are raising children who are not just expected to be extremely tech savvy but also form one vulnerable group on the internet. This means that while it is our own responsibility that we give them enough edge to walk, we are still to shield them from any bad experiences that can mar them in later life. It’s a fine difference and the walk is razor sharp!

How much time is good?

Clinical psychiatrists and pediatricians agree that children below two must be kept away from screen time as much as possible. Only after the age of six or seven, they must gradually be allowed but with riders for their own health.

When to say no!

Parents must be firm about the timings as well as the duration of the usage. You must inculcate discipline from day one.

Giving devices to stay quiet is okay?

Parents dread when the kids bawl. Yes, once in a while giving in is okay but make sure that they do not relate these two things. They cannot get devices anytime that they would like to and especially not when they throw tantrums.

Indulge in games with them:

I wouldn’t recommend this if I had not tried. I realized that the kids were asking for the phone only when I or my husband was using it. We decided to play with them in this tipi tent that lay abandoned after the initial excitement about it died. And you know what we were right!

Effect of health is true!

You may want to deny but the latest study proves that the influence of phone and radiation is not good for their eyesight or for the tender tissues of their skin.

Poor communication skill:

Studies have categorically proved that communication as a skill suffers when children are handed over the devices more than their prescribed time limit.

Sleep deprivation :

Sleep cycles can be adversely affected if screen time is not supervised.

No children photographs please:

It’s like giving the abductors information on a silver plate! Not unless totally warranted. And we cannot really find a reason when it is.

Social media can wait for now!

Don’t hasten your children into creating an account on social media. It can surely wait till they are eleven or twelve.

Finally, parental supervision is a MUST

You may think that your child listens to you but with peers and others outside the home, he may be a different person. Make sure that you lock the sites and apps that even distinctly talk of birds and bees. Being vigilant is your immense strength.…

13 Ways Technology Can Improve Healthcare

Technology has improved the processes and methods of everything that we do. Medical technology and healthcare have also undergone some exciting revolutionary changes in the last few decades. Some of the ways healthcare have been improved can be seen in the ways we prevent and treat diseases.

  1. One of the best ways to good health is through prevention of disease-causing You can take the help of a pest control agency like rat exterminator Glasgow, to drive these disease-causing agents away using modern technological tools.
  2. The doctors are connected to others in the same area of expertise and can exchange ideas with each other.
  3. Smartphones are omnipresent. Doctors and patients can take readings and check them immediately.
  4. Machines are able to gather and analyze data more efficiently. This helps in getting better and faster diagnoses.
  5. With the help of these devices, doctors can choose the best medical option from the available treatments.
  6. 3 D printers can help in creating medical devices and prosthetics easily anywhere in the world.
  7. The processes and tests that took hundreds and millions of Dollars now take a lot less and are able to provide quicker results.
  8. DNA testing and gene technology can help to identify and predict some diseases that a person may have in future and appropriate steps can be taken to prevent the same.
  9. Doctors can check patients using the internet, giving hope to people in remote areas.
  10. Pharmaceutical companies have access to more data and they can improve their products accordingly. Similarly, pest control companies use the latest chemicals that are harmless to humans while eradicating pests completely.
  11. With the internet and online technology more people have access to more information and newer courses. The pest control companies use the latest ultrasound technology to detect and prevent pest recurrence.
  12. New technology has helped to reduce the recovery period through better medicines. They have also developed long-lasting treatments for pests.
  13. Robotic surgery and micro-sized tools are helping doctors conduct very complicated surgeries and investigations of internal organs.

Technology and invention are important for society and whatever innovations happen, they help humans live a better and healthier life. Health should be a priority for everyone. Whether it is the treatment of sickness or prevention of diseases by eradicating pests and bugs, technology can help to improve the standard of living for everyone.…

How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Money

There was a time when to be able to view the income and expenses from your bank account you had to physically visit the bank to get your account statement. Today as most banks offer convenient mobile apps, you can simply log in to your account and monitor the transactions. This is just a sample of what tech has offered to the process of money management today. If you wish to save money by using coupons there are digital versions of coupons from websites like CouponoBox. And for making payments you don’t even need the card to be physically present.

Payments made digital – payments make convenient

Digital payments have two major benefits in terms of money management. One is that you do not have to wait to withdraw cash to make the payment. You can complete the payment instantly. The other is that you would have a digital record of every single transaction that occurs in your account. Cash payments sometimes get difficult to remember and make a record of. So budgeting becomes simple with the help of digital payments.

Efficient budgeting

You could plan your budget by creating a simple document where you categorize and record every expense or you could use a smartphone app for the same. Budgeting apps are available to help you sort and prioritize your expenses. You would even find the option to capture snapshots of receipts in several apps. These apps make it easy to register every tiny expense you make. At any point, if you wish to know if you have been sticking with the budget and if you wish to study where all your money goes, these apps are all very useful.

Finally, to top it all up, there are several ways in which technology makes savings and investments easy as well. You can create and manage your investment portfolio conveniently from anywhere.

A Complete Guide: The Basics of Onboard Satellite TV for Boats

Earlier days the satellites TVs were found only on big yachts as it was quite expensive and comes with large domes. Now many satellite TV companies have taken the step towards bringing the TVs to small boat owners. The satellite TVs have becomes a lot more affordable and compact. You can visit various online sites to get a fair idea about the TVs available. Also, the satellite antenna could be connected to more than one TV. If you got one set-up box for all TVs, then you can view the only same channel in all TVs. Below mentioned are few guidelines to follow while choosing the onboard satellite TVs.

Choosing the Right TV for your boat

Where you plan to go

In order to choose the system; the first thing, you should consider a few questions like where the boats are headed to and which size antenna suits your boat.  Which antenna you require to depend on lots on where you are headed.  The antenna strength decreases as you travel far away from the land. Further offshore you travel, you would require a larger antenna and if you have plans for inshore cruising, then you might need an only a small antenna.

If you have plans to travel to other continents then the antennas you need to get would be different from the one you need to buy for using it within the continent. It is not possible to receive the signals of a different continent using another continent antenna. Hence before you begin your travel; it would be best you choose a worldview antenna which comes with LNB installed.

Receiving HDTV

You should get the high-definition TV set along with the activated HD receiver.  The domes which are fitted with HD control unit will enable the user to enjoy a full range of high definition broadcasting. You need to pick those antennas which offer uninterrupted viewing in HD mode.…