A Complete Guide: The Basics of Onboard Satellite TV for Boats

Earlier days the satellites TVs were found only on big yachts as it was quite expensive and comes with large domes. Now many satellite TV companies have taken the step towards bringing the TVs to small boat owners. The satellite TVs have becomes a lot more affordable and compact. You can visit various online sites to get a fair idea about the TVs available. Also, the satellite antenna could be connected to more than one TV. If you got one set-up box for all TVs, then you can view the only same channel in all TVs. Below mentioned are few guidelines to follow while choosing the onboard satellite TVs.

Choosing the Right TV for your boat

Where you plan to go

In order to choose the system; the first thing, you should consider a few questions like where the boats are headed to and which size antenna suits your boat.  Which antenna you require to depend on lots on where you are headed.  The antenna strength decreases as you travel far away from the land. Further offshore you travel, you would require a larger antenna and if you have plans for inshore cruising, then you might need an only a small antenna.

If you have plans to travel to other continents then the antennas you need to get would be different from the one you need to buy for using it within the continent. It is not possible to receive the signals of a different continent using another continent antenna. Hence before you begin your travel; it would be best you choose a worldview antenna which comes with LNB installed.

Receiving HDTV

You should get the high-definition TV set along with the activated HD receiver.  The domes which are fitted with HD control unit will enable the user to enjoy a full range of high definition broadcasting. You need to pick those antennas which offer uninterrupted viewing in HD mode.