The Best Ways to Make Electronics More Sustainable

Electronic goods are useful to us in many ways.    Individuals should be responsible for using technology in an ethical way.  We should also aim at protecting the environment with the increase in the use of technology.  One of the responsible ways of using technology so that environmental hazards due to the increase in electronic junk is reduced is to make the electronics more sustainable.  Read on to know the best ways to make electronics more sustainable:

Recycling:  Recycle the old electronic items.  There are lots of ideas on the internet on how to upcycle electronic goods.  Recycling will make the electronics more sustainable.

No fast upgradation:  There are a whole lot of varieties of gadgets introduced every day.  It tempts us to throw away the existing item and buy a newer version.  Most of the newer versions do not contain much change in the product design.  Hence think and make a wise decision before upgrading to new electronic goods.  Read online reviews on sites like that will help you in validating the buying options.  Instead of replacing the whole electronic item you can upgrade spares and accessories.

Good maintenance:  Clean and good maintenance of electronics will help in sustainability.  This will ensure long years of using electronic goods.  Replacement will not be that fast.

Reuse:  When you dispose of old electronic goods, instead of converting them to junk, you can give it to poor people who can reuse them.  Normally we dispose of goods which are in good working condition.  Hence giving it for reuse will reduce junks and result in making some good and needy souls happy.

Buying green devices:  While buying electronic goods, select those models which consume lesser power and result in fewer emissions.  That way you can contribute a lot towards environmental protection.  These green devices do not carry a huge price difference from the normal ones.

How to Setup 3 Monitors on One Computer

Windows 10 has been one of the most important milestones for Microsoft. It has been a welcome update and it has brought a lot of cool new features. If you know how to get help in windows 10 then half your problems are resolved. Windows 10 has been made to be one of the most user-friendly updates. Finding help, searching for things you want on your PC as well as modifying the settings have all been made simpler than ever before. So, even those who are using the computer for the first time can get a hang of the whole process in a jiffy.

There are times when you might need more than one monitor connected to your computer. This can be done either for work or for gaming requirements. There are people who perform a lot of tedious computations and comparisons on their computer. Imagine the situation where you have to compare two or more documents simultaneously or validate the data. All this can be done easily when you have multiple monitors connected. No matter what the purpose is, remember that setting up 3 monitors at one time is simpler than you think.

Start with the primary display on the primary port

Irrespective of the number of displays you plan to connect, the resolution and the size of the displays etc, you should first choose a primary display. Find out whether your computer has an HDMI port or VGA or DVI port for the primary monitor. Connect the first display to this port. If you do not have a dedicated graphics card then you would not be able to connect more than two monitors at a time. If your computer does have a graphics card then look for the display ports on the card. Different graphics cards allow a different number of monitors to be used at the same time.

Extremely Cool Drone Technology

The uses and applications of the drone technology are beyond human imagination. It is so cool to actually realize what the drone technology has to offer us. Here is a quick sneak peak at some of the cool things that the drone technology is capable of doing.

  1. Students of journalism are now encouraged to take a lesson in drone flying not because they can fly off instantaneously to happening sites but these are a real quick solution to gather information and capture clear images and videos of the happening news. It is only right for them to think that the world too would get a true picture of what is actually happening around them.
  2. Drones can be used to identify illegal activities using drone cameras in the stealth mode. For example, these can be used to detect illegal hunting on government land or privately owned properties.
  3. For the sports lovers, drone technology is a boon. To actually be able to view each shot of your favorite sport, frame by frame and action by action, is really cool. Be it cricket, baseball, or skiing, drones are at your service.
  4. Drones are also used by the government to monitor state and national highways for road damages, safety, traffic, and much more.
  5. Drones are a best friend to wildlife animal protectors and photographers. A good drone camera would give you intricate details such as nesting on top of the tallest tree in the Amazons or watching cranes in the middle of a lake. I got this drone for my birthday and I have been in love with wildlife ever since.

The features of drone technology are highly sophisticated that are bound to buy one for you. High-resolution images, better quality videos, ease of portability, and excellent stealth drivers are just a few of its engaging features.