SEO bei Bing

SEO or search engine optimization is not just for Google but for all the search engines. The way SEO works for Google and the way it works for Bing is different. Bing is the other most popular search engine after Google. Here are a few things to remember when you are working on SEO for Bing –

The traffic conversion pattern is different

Traffic conversion is very much different on Bing. If you are looking for the number of clicks then Google is sufficient. But if you want relevant traffic that can also yield a good conversion rate, then Bing is your place.

For Bing, you have to focus on verbatim keyword matches

Bing SEO is known to be simpler than understanding the SEO for Google. The competition in this area is relatively less. There are not many websites that focus on Bing optimization as much as they work on Google optimization. So if you make your move in this area then you are sure to be among the few who manage to be ranked well in Bing.


Click through rates are continuously analyzed by Bing. It also follows the conversion rate, time spent and the other such parameters to understand and continuously alter the ranking based on the user reaction.

Social signals are used for the ranking of websites

Though not a direct implication in Google, with Bing the fact that the social signals are used to modify the rank is very clear. Bing too evaluates the quality of the backlinks. All those who spend a huge amount on social media branding can easily make a name in Bing search list and be noticed and have their ranks improved as well.

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